Urban Development

Leading the way in transforming urban construction

Le Castor acquires and redevelops real estate in urban settings with the goal of improving livability and adding community value. We breathe new life into underutilized properties, using quality, sustainable materials and innovative technology to ensure that our buildings will last for generations. We take each detail of our buildings seriously, working closely with architects to create design solutions that suit the needs of tenants and complement our neighborhood streetscapes. On top of 3d AutoCad- and Gis software, avant garde items like BIM and Breaam have become part of the deal.

Smart city; increasing livability in the Urban Core

We are committed to engaging neighborhoods early and often to ensure and address community needs and enhance community connections. Every ''Castorian'' project is easily served by the highest building and insulation standards. Needed integrated water solutions, green energy and of course public transportation,  creating new opportunities for people to live and work in walkable “15-minute neighborhoods are included.” This way we are already building smarter city bottum up and far ahead of govermental or UN devlopment goals for Sustainable development 10-15 jears from now. 

Generating returns by doing the right thing

Unlike many developers, Le Castor is not here to just build and sell!

We believe in moving far beyond the minimum: the interests of our company are inseparable from the interests of the people with whom we work and the communities and environment we share. These are not just principles. As a vertically integrated company, we shepherd each project through the full lifecycle—finance, design, construction and management—enabling us to maximize triple bottom line returns to investors, residents and the community. Our track record of success is proof positive that when we do the right thing for the right reasons, we generate better returns.

Real estate investments

As a startup, Le Castor since 2016 next to energy locations is looking for solvent and profitable retail and housing for its relationships. Because our clients are professional investors and actually have to make substantial demands on her purchases, we always carry out thorough due diligence and architectural research. Financial institutes also require an architectural test and valuation for financing*. 

For all sorts of investments, Le Castor accompanies this in a straightforward due diligence procedure

Issues such as soil, energy labeling, insulation, technical installations, roof / façade and foundation inspections and book research form the core here. For example with self-developed zero measurement (APK for buildings), taxations, energy label and an engineer's report to back. We will guide and complete the transaction at a bank and notary. A to Z

Because our clients appreciate discretion for a number of reasons, it is our policy and desired for the end investor that we first take and buy a position with reservation of due diligence and under 'master to be mentioned below' or, if desired, by means of an ABC deed whereby the end investor in the first phase is known or wishes to be.

In the context of sustainability and the recent real estate crises, all obsolete real estate will or will not appear to be seriously overdue in a moderate or poor condition or (as a result of this) a risky rental profile; cannot be accepted by end investors if not qualified by our investment test.

On the other hand and if the seller wishes to sell its obsolete real estate successfully through Le Castor, a different collaboration will have to be entered into. In many cases, a renovation or redevelopment agreement will still have to be entered into in the second instance in order to make the property once again attractive, sustainable and attractive to the buyer. Le Castor also offers a sustainable solution with its chain partners. We, therefore, do not just reject it, but together with owners and our end investors, we look for a sustainable and responsible win-win for everyone involved.

*(note; Fin. institutes who choose not too are not underwriting our philosophy of durability).



Our services; Earthing facilities lighting protection light gas installations and standards (ISO 14520, CEA 4007, VdS standard 2093 and others) Fire alarm systemsFire protection systemsInspection of Electrical installations in gas & dust explosive atmospheresReservation of sterilisersInspection Gas and dust explosion protection electrical installations (NEN-EN-IEC 60079-17)  Inspection of electrical installations (NEN 3140 and NEN -EN 50110-1) Inspection low-voltage installations (NEN 1010-6)

Wind Energy

An old tradition

A mill sent forth by water which then grain was ground so that the baker could bake the bread. How is this innovation from the Middle Ages remembered.


Right. The social and historical value of the windmill has only increased since then, however, so did the importance and complexity in humans. We owe a great debt to the mill and due to our prosperity unfortunately sometimes tend to forget .. Such things like drop shadow, scenery, sound and the like are obviously not insignificant but the pitfalls which silting threatens our development where our future warming and solidarity with fellow human beings are put on the line are regularly on our paths.

'livable' solutions is a prime challenge for the Urban developer. In it we will work with proponents and opponents to realize a win-win model.

We certainly not give up because it is difficult.

With our carefully selected partners at home and abroad we have experience with dense and complex urban (re)development and repowering. Therefore LeCastor will always operate within the human and procedural frameworks in order to achieve her positive target(s).

So therefore do not concern with LeCastor you will bake that bread ..

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Energy Production

So we do not put our money on windmills, solar farms or other renewable energy sources because of government targets or just the money! It also is our conviction and our mutual road ahead..

"Do Together" that is our business philosophy.

What is WsWpW?

We realize that this is about the future and our posterity. Waste of precious and finite resources, does not make us happy because we realize that the smart use of wind, solar as well as water and heat/Power are (almost) endless.

So we put up with the development of wind farms, solar power, thermal heat (and cooling), but also issues such as cogeneration and good insulation makes green energy in the built environment. Our business philosophy of doing things together and WsWpW make LeCastor a complete player on which you can build completely care-free.


By green financing, smart and innovative plans and investments, subsidies, PPc, corperationmodels or other forms of joint ventures etc., we always put in on cutting energy prices and rebates for businesses, government, farming and consumers.

A project of our hand means not only business but high quality, fair prices and a real guarantee for tomorrow.

Therefore do not wait and let us know what we can do for you ..