• Masada, plan development 21 appts, Berg en Dal, The Netherlands

  • Grupo Hispania, sales retail and real estate 400 Mln. portfolio, Spain

  • Karthuizerplantsoen, acquisition & advising former social school Amsterdam-Jordaan

  • Hogere Zeevaartschool, acquisition former Maritime school into 6000 m2 office, Amsterdam

  • Albir Hotel****, acquisition of location, consulting, interim, sold ongoing concern, Benidorm Spain

  • Rochedale, acquisition (re)locations for 3th aged Amsterdam elderly on Costa Blanca, Spain 

  • Les Narcisses, plan and redevelopment Hotel and chalets, Montreaux Zwitserland

  • De Vasim, plan development Hotel, appts and ateliers, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

  • Vondelpoort, redevelopment housing, mixed-use, Nijmegen center, The Netherlands (architecture awarded)

  • Rodosto windpark 50 Mw Trakya region, northern Turkey (ongoing)

  • ''Solare'' study & acquisition on 4 wind and solar locations (ongoing)

  • Betonballon, close collaboration and study for development on several locations in the Nederlands and Zwitserland

  • Hoteldevelopment, studiy on 2  hotel lokations on the waterfront and The Hague area.  



  • 2017-2018 Oostenburgereiland Amsterdam 450 Appts,  leading Spanish consortium (highest price/not awarded)

  • 2018 -2019 ongoing, 4 Urban/plots and 1 area tenders in the Netherlands



Gastronomy and Social

Organizer Food and Faces (music-art-food) festivals for livability and promotion Amsterdam East

Participation in several charities 

Donator dutch foundation Warchild

Donator dutch foundation Vluchteling

The realization of Nijmegen first grand Chess game